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FCT – Who or what is that??

General Darla Nicholson 4 Mar

When you first purchased your home, you most likely used a lawyer to complete the transaction. When you do your renewal or if you are considering refinancing, you may be able to complete the transaction without a lawyer, using First Canadian Title (FCT).


If you decide to renew your mortgage with your current lender, you will not require a Lawyer or FCT to complete the transaction. This is because your current lender and mortgage are already registered to the property title.  If you decide to renew your mortgage with a different lender, your renewal then becomes what is known as a ‘switch’ in the mortgage industry, and FCT is often an option offered.


When refinancing your mortgage (which involves dissolving your mortgage and replacing it with a new one, even if you are not changing lenders), you are given the choice to use FCT or a Lawyer depending on your preferences.

Pros and Cons?


  • significantly less costly
  • costs sometimes covered by lender for a new mortgage
  • able to offer additional flexibility in meeting dates/times
  • provides insurance to protect lenders against various risks, such as title defects, liens, and fraud
  • one fee for all payouts (mortgages/loans/cards)


  • faster than FCT if in a time crunch
  • more costly
  • able to offer legal advice in addition to facilitating the transaction
  • charge per payout